Theatre Pro Rata 2011-2012 Season Bookmark

Posted in Graphic Design, Theatre on January 26, 2012 by Kris

I apologize for not keeping this blog updated! I’ll be catching up, but some of these projects have been done for quite some time.

This is the 2011-2012 season bookmark I designed for Theatre Pro Rata. It features an image from their production of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

I should be starting on the 2012-2013 season bookmark within the next couple of months, too.

Waiting for Godot

Posted in Graphic Design, Theatre on May 9, 2011 by Kris

This is the postcard I designed for Theatre Pro Rata‘s production of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. Charlie Gorrill took this gorgeous photograph.

The play will be held at the Hollywood Theater in northeast Minneapolis. It’s been abandoned since 1987, but it still looks awesome. I’m looking forward to taking a bunch of photos of the theatre on opening night.

Albert Einstein

Posted in Art on March 6, 2011 by Kris

I was commissioned to do a painting of Albert Einstein, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

“Albert Einstein.” Acrylic, Textbook Pages. 2011.

I went to a thrift store and bought an old physics textbook that was already pretty beat-up and used torn pages as the background. I purposely included a photo of Einstein in the background. It’s like Meta Einstein!

Dido, Queen of Carthage

Posted in Graphic Design, Theatre on February 4, 2011 by Kris

This has been completed for a few weeks, but I kept forgetting to post it.

This is the postcard I designed for Theatre Pro Rata‘s production of Dido, Queen of Carthage by Christopher Marlowe. Again, my work was made easier because of Charlie Gorrill‘s awesome photography.

Sex & Death & Blood & Theatre

Posted in Graphic Design, Theatre on October 4, 2010 by Kris

For Theatre Pro Rata‘s 10th anniversary, I designed a t-shirt based on the iconic “John & Paul & Ringo & George” Beatles t-shirt, using some key recurring themes in the plays Theatre Pro Rata performs. You can buy one for yourself, too!

I ordered one, so I should be getting mine soon. I’m excited!

Franz Ferdinand Fan Club Issue #6

Posted in Graphic Design, Music on October 1, 2010 by Kris

It’s a bit “old news” now, but the sixth issue of the Franz Ferdinand Fan Club magazine is out now (digitally) and you can view it by clicking here. I compiled and edited the content and created the layout to look like an old-school fanzine. It was a lot of work, and I’m pretty proud of it.

I’m working on the layouts for issues seven and eight, so I’m hoping to get all of that done soon.

New Paintings

Posted in Art on September 14, 2010 by Kris

All of my work is up and on display at The Gremlin Theatre for the Ten Works exhibit. I was there on opening night, and I have to say that Theatre Pro Rata‘s production of The Taming of the Shrew is absolutely amazing, and I can’t say enough how much I recommend you go to see it. So, make a night of it! Go see a play, and take a peek at my art while you’re there!

There are three brand-new pieces on display, but for those of you who can’t make it to the exhibit (or are not from the Twin Cities area), I thought I’d post them here.

“Joe Strummer.” Acrylic, Newspaper. 2010.

I wanted to try something different with my portraits, so I made a collage of torn newspaper on canvas, and then painted over the top of it. The results are actually quite cool, so I’ll definitely try it again. Maybe with the Sunday comics!

“Debbie Harry.” Acrylic, Magazine Pages. 2010.

I tried the same concept as with Joe Strummer, except I used torn magazine pages as my base. I tried to use chunks of colour as opposed to identifiable objects so that it would be easier to see the paint.

“Andy Warhol.” Acrylic. 2010

This was just done with paint, but I painted the background in blocks of colour as opposed to the swirls of colour I usually do.

Now that I’ve gotten the painting bug again, I don’t want to stop! Expect more paintings from me soon.