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Vote For Theatre Pro Rata!

Posted in Graphic Design, Theatre, Updates on August 26, 2010 by Kris

Every year there is an awards ceremony for local theatre companies here in Minnesota called the IVEY Awards. This year, Theatre Pro Rata is up for an Advertising Award. The postcard for Marisol is the nominee (a group effort between myself, photographer Charlie Gorrill and artist Bryan Fisher). Please cast your vote! It would mean a lot to Theatre Pro Rata, and it would mean a lot to me as well.

The interesting thing about all three postcard designs for the 2009-2010 season is that they’re all inspired by another work of art.

Marisol was inspired by “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

The Spanish Tragedy was inspired by “La Pieta” by Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Traveling Light was inspired by the album cover for The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” designed by Peter Blake.

Kinda cool, huh?

Mark Hathaway

Posted in Other on August 10, 2010 by Kris

I received an e-mail a couple of days ago notifying me that Mark Hathaway had passed away.

Mark ran the official Franz Ferdinand Fan Club until a couple of years ago. He was battling a long-standing illness, and he had to step down from running the fan club. The fan club is still in the process of changing hands (I’m still involved with the fan club) but that’s another story altogether.

I hadn’t heard from Mark for a while, and I was worried, but I knew he didn’t spend a lot of time on the internet the past couple of years. He was in the UK, so we only communicated online (and occasionally over the phone), but we got to know each other very well over the years. He was such a hard-working guy — he did everything for the fan club. He also ran the first fan-based Franz Ferdinand website, so he was quite involved with the band. I worked closely with him on the designs for the fan club magazines and other promotional material, and he was just so easy to work with. We meshed really well. Plus, he was a joy to chat with, as he had a great sense of humour. We also shared tastes in music and a fondness for pets.

He’d often send me care packages with 7″ singles and other goodies, and would include treats for my guinea pigs (which they loved). He was just so genuine and wonderful, and I miss him terribly.

My condolences go out to his family and friends.

Say Like The French Say Interview

Posted in Graphic Design, Music, Updates on August 2, 2010 by Kris

Say Like The French Say were interviewed for Alternativ News (a French blog), and there’s a brief mention of the artwork for their album, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. Click here to read the interview (it’s in English at the bottom of the page). This is the excerpt about the artwork:

Speaking Of Sunny Day [Real Estate], what about the Diary-ish artwork?

All: Haha.
Adam: Well, to be honest…
David: Adam was skeptical at first.
Adam: Haha… David and I had been playing a lot of Lego Star Wars on the Xbox when we first started playing as a band. And I thought it’d be funny if someone did a rendering of Legos, and then David took it a step further to use real Legos.
David: Yep. And so… my friend Kris and I, and our significant others, had some beers and played with Legos, and took pictures, haha. And that’s what happened. I don’t think it was… and full disclosure here, Diary is one of my favorite albums of all time… but I don’t think that it was intended to be… It didn’t look like that until Kris took the pictures.
Tom: Those aren’t actually Legos.
David: On Diary? Yeah, those were Fisher Price people. But I can see how it would be construed as Sunny Day Real Estate, I absolutely get that. I’m not gonna lie and say “Who’s Sunny Day Real Estate?!”
Adam: And I think we’re ok with it.
David: Yeah, I’m not gonna bulls**t anybody about it.
Adam: It’s better than looking like Justin Bieber’s cover.
David: Absolutely. Absolutely… because, you know what? We’re not that pretty.
James: We’re not that pretty.
Tom: Who?
James: And he’s in town tonight! Bieber fever is here, dude.
David: You need a catchy last name like that, Adam. “Gears fever” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Adam: “Gears for Fears”?
All: Haha.

I’m so proud of those boys!