About This Work: Franz Ferdinand Fan Club Magazine Issue 2

I thought it might be interesting to discuss some of the works I’ve done. You know, just to get a back story about certain pieces.

Aleksandr Rodchenko’s poster design for “Kino Glaz” and the cover of issue 2 of the Franz Ferdinand Fan Club Magazine.

Franz Ferdinand Fan Club Magazine: Issue 2

Anyone who is familiar with the band Franz Ferdinand and their album and single artwork from the first two albums knows that each design pays homage to constructivist, suprematist and other minimalist art movements and works. The first few issues of the fan club magazine and accompanying material continued in this style. It was second nature to me, as I’m highly influenced by those same art movements and artists. For issue 2, I found a movie poster design for “Kino Glaz,” designed by constructivist artist and photographer, Aleksandr Rodchenko. I really loved the layout and balance of elements in the design, and decided to use that as my inspiration for the cover. Around the same time, Franz Ferdinand shot the video for their single, “Walk Away,” which was shot like an old film. I used a still of vocalist/guitarist Alex Kapranos’ eye and a still of the gal in the video for the photographic elements in my design. The colours are based on the same colours used in the band’s second album, “You Could Have It So Much Better.”

It all ties in together, and issue 2’s design is still one of my favourites.

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